T. Whitten / The Popular War Fingers Pure Mountain at Home Demo 1 at Home Demo 2

M. Graham

Babe on the Run Mind/Old Sole Shoes Cold Blood/Trouble in the Upper Register Right

Jeremiah Jackson Festina Lente Summer to Peak Cubes

Savage Dog's Girl Three Dream Things and Tell was Fun for Now Soles Things/The User into That Was Fun live rehearsal

Shoose McGee
Life Just Gets So Hard Sometimes

Two dudes being the best at what they do Chewie and Kendrick part 1 Chewie and Kendrick part 2 Chewie and Kendrick part 3

Sewerville My Shadow live Live

Channel Eight - eventually (as of 12/13/17)

Davey Jones old cassette takes
For Eleanor
For Zoey
A Hole in Space
Sticky Bends
All Month Long
Rain Drops
For Carrie
Glorious Morning
Sorrows Like Sea Billows
Fades Clip